Poxo; An Online Shopping Platform For Montreal Businesses Where We Market And Sell Your Products With Almost Zero Risk For You

If you own a business in Montreal and want to sell your products online without going through all the technical and time-consuming trouble of marketing them yourself, then Poxo is the perfect place for you.

You just add your products to Poxo and we handle EVERYTHING else. No work on your part (except of course handling the additional sales and orders you’ll get from Poxo…).

You don’t have to worry about getting traffic into your shop, or optimizing it for search engines like google so people can find you online. We do it all ourselves.

We connect your store directly to Poxo so you get instantly notified when orders are made and can process them immediately. It has also a delivery system, so that it automatically assigns your nearest delivery employee to deliver the orders to the customer’s address. And if you don’t have delivery employees, no problem. You can easily outsource it within the app!

Pricing Offers

These prices are only valid until August 10th, 2022



Just call us or come in person for more details.we'd love to see you .

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